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This jelly is made with the yellow chile canario, a cousin to the habanero, giving it a hotter sensation in the mouth and a very good taste. It is delicious on crackers, your favorite bread, poured over cheese, used in sauté dishes with poultry, pork, fish or in glazes, marinades or cocktails.

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Chapulines, otherwise known as grasshoppers, are a popular, high protein snack used throughout the region of Oaxaca and slowly becoming popular in the US by chefs and foodies. Chapulines are collected only at certain times of year. After being thoroughly cleaned and washed, they are toasted on a comal (clay cooking surface) with garlic, lime juice and salt containing extract of agave worms, lending a sour-spicy-salty taste to the finished product. A great addition to bar snacks or in tacos or tostadas.

These Chapulines are thoughtfully sourced from Oaxaca. They do not come with an FDA approved label but are safe and ready to eat.


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